Hello Boundary!

I moved back into my studio on 2nd Avenue and Boundary. Just 100 meters into Burnaby. Another upstairs studio. Close to my business and the wonderful people that make it run so smoothly.
It is a pleasure to be so close to the art of my friends and my own art. I feel at home in this south facing place. It is spacious. Not exciting as the boatyard was, but I am entering a new phase in my work as well. And it is a more contemplative work. So the quietness that I have there results in concentrated work. Literally.

2024 March. The beginning of the “End of the Masquerade” work.

Now I have just to bring my large working table from Granville Island and I will be able to start. But first a visit to Germany, which is always inspiring.

Come and visit! After May 12th, 2024 I will be back in Canada. Until September the 9th, when I leave for the UBUNTU exhibition and symposium, which will take place in Nuremberg, Germany.