Hello Boundary!

I moved back into my studio on 2nd Avenue and Boundary. Just 100 meters into Burnaby. Another upstairs studio. Close to my business and the wonderful people that make it run so smoothly. It is a pleasure to be so close to the art of my friends and my own art. I feel at home … Read more

Goodbye Granville Island Studio

From 2022-2024 in May I had the great pleasure to work at a wonderful studio overlooking the “Barn”, a place where yachts and smaller boats are repaired on the Granville Island Boat Yard. I am leaving this inspiring place with a heavy heart, but will be still present on the Island at Malaspina Printmakers Society, … Read more


Exhibition September 2024 | Gemeinschaftshaus Langwasser | Nürnberg | Germany What an incredible task our life is… We are born naked and die disguised. In between we hope to find ourselves. How is it, that we are born so pure, innocent and maskless, and spend so many years hiding who we really are. When do … Read more

ShoutoutLA Interview

In February I was approached by a lifestyle magazine from LA with the question whether I was interested to do an interview with them. Since my last interview was quite some time ago, I decided to do it. I realized that I am way more passionate about my business than I thought I am. Here … Read more


End of 2000 I visited the newly finished Potsdamer Platz in Berlin for the first time. It fascinated me and especially the Sony Center, conceived by star architect Helmut Jahn, was the inspiration for a whole series of drawings, prints, paintings and photographs, that later resulted in two series: Urban Water and Urban Landscape. Please … Read more